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Lugaia is the world's leading supplier of single-use containment solutions in the bulk solids sector. The containment solutions manufactured exclusively in Switzerland are the prerequisite for efficient, safe production and the resulting high quality of our customers' end products.


Respected companies around the world use our products and our customers are well represented in the pharmaceutical, chemical and life science industries. We have been supporting our customers across all industries for many years, taking pride in making their workplaces and production processes safer and more efficient.

What our customers say


«Lugaia develops interesting products such as the SafeSeal Pneumatic Tool, which makes our work easier. We appreciate the closeness and the direct exchange with the Lugaia team and we are also very satisfied with their support.»

Excella (Fareva-Gruppe)

«We appreciate the personal contact and direct exchanges with the Lugaia employees. There is a prompt, reliable and accurate processing of orders. The quality of the products is always to our complete satisfaction.»

Gilead Sciences

«Lugaia offers many innovative and high-quality technologies and products, especially for high-containment. I was impressed with the Lugaia team's knowledge, flexibility, and efficient approach in designing custom equipment for our needs. Collaboration with Lugaia was easy and straightforward and the team always delivered products on-time (or ahead of schedule!). I look forward to working with them again in the future!»


«We really appreciate the cooperation with the company Lugaia. The products convince with their excellent quality and the whole team always strives for innovative customized solutions.»


«We have valued Lugaia’s consistently high product quality for years. The innovative single-use technology is cleverly used and further developed. In addition, the Containment solutions are specifically adapted to our wishes and circumstances.»


«At Lugaia the know-how is available in-house and they always strive to find the best possible solution for the customer. In addition, impeccable support is provided.»

Rottendorf Pharma

«The collaboration with Lugaia is straightforward and efficient. Deadlines are reliably kept and the products are individually developed and manufactured to our needs.»