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Our four employees with 10 years of service anniversary in the interview

This year, four employees are celebrating their 10-year service anniversary. In this interview, they explain why they have remained loyal to Lugaia over the past years and what it takes for them to stay another 10 years.

Lugaia is again expanding the production clean rooms

After the clean rooms had already been expanded in 2021, an expansion of the production facilities was completed in 2022 after a few months of work.

On the road with the sales team

In this article, our marketing manager reports on the experiences at #ACHEMA22 in Frankfurt in August 2022.

10 Questions for CEO Viktor Schnyder

Our CEO Viktor Schnyder answered 10 personal questions about the company, his daily motivation and ambitions for the future.

We are looking for a local distribution partner for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Are you looking for profitable distribution opportunities and would you like to support us locally? Do you have a strong network and are you experienced in marketing products? At Lugaia, we regard it as a core task to provide assistance to market our products successfully in your area and to give you the support you need to grow your distributing business in a long-term perspective as a trusted and valued distributor.

Media & Buffer as an application example for Lugaia TransferBags

Media and Buffer preparation is a key part of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, and although it doesn’t have to be carried out in sterile conditions, improving the powder transfer process makes this step cleaner, safer, and more efficient, protects personnel and can also save time and costs.

What is containment?

The aim is to prevent dangerous substances from escaping from the production process (personal protection) or a product from being contaminated by foreign substances in the environment (product protection). The use of containment solutions serves to prevent contamination in three directions: that of the product by the user, the user by the product and cross-contamination between different products. This article is intended to give an insight into the world of containment and provide a better understanding.



Introducing Lugaia's new website!

The latest information on our company, customers and the industrial developments affecting us all

We are pleased to present our new website after a long period of intensive work!