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Continuous Liner & Liner Carrier

To protect employees and products

The use of Lugaia's continuous liner to ensure the safety of personnel and products is effective and very popular. Continuous Liner Carriers form the interface between the outlet and the Continuous Liner Package resulting in industry-appropriate handling and protection.

Continuous Liner

The Lugaia Continuous Liner

Versatile - effective and popular

We use cutting-edge technology in our class ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean rooms for processing and welding of foils according to established industry processes on qualified systems. Lugaia Continuous Liner Systems have proven to be one of the most effective means for protecting your staff and products. Axial folding enables film lengths of up to 80 meters. Fold height and foil length are dependent upon film thickness. On request, Lugaia also produces special CLS liner sizes for customer-specific foils.

Liner Carrier CLS

The Lugaia Liner Carrier System

For Continuous Liner System with length up to 80 m

The Liner Carrier System is used wherever Continuous liner is attached to a production plant or an isolator system which needs to be installed as a foil lock. The foil package is placed on the O-ring sealed carrier tube and then pressed off and secured with an O-ring clamping ring. The connection of the Liner Carrier is individually adapted to the interface of the system, for example through TriClamp or flange connection.

Liner Carrier CLCC

Rapid transfer port systems for high containment

CLCC Continuous Liner Carrier (with RTP Beta)

Our Continuous Liner Carrier combined with the RTP Beta-System makes it possible for inward and outward transfers at RTP Alpha interfaces. The Continuous Liner Types CLS-300-910 can be combined with the RTP Beta-Ports 190-460.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed something

Can Continuous Liners be sterilized?

Yes, by means of gamma or X-ray radiation.

Does Lugaia also offer the Carrier System for the Continuous Liner?

Yes, Liner Carrier systems with various interfaces are possible as well as Liner Carrier systems with RTP Beta ports.

For which containment level can Continuous Liners be used?

OEB5 in combination with our SafeSeal closure system.

What are the advantages of the folded Continuous Liner?

Lugaia’s special axial folding makes it possible to provide maximum film capacity in the smallest possible space. This reduces the frequency of changing the Continuous Liner pack to a minimum, thereby saving you time and money.

What types of film materials for Continuous Liner are available?

An antistatic LDPE with FDA approval or a pure LDPE with FDA EP and USP approval is used as standard. Foil material with conductive properties or customized foils are also available.

Which Continuous Liner sizes are available?

The smallest Continuous Liner has a diameter of 190mm with increasing gradations up to a diameter of 700mm. As a rule of thumb, the size of the Continuous Liner is adapted to the container (drum).