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The Lugaia Continuous Liner

Versatile - effective and popular

We use cutting-edge technology in our class ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean rooms for processing and welding of foils according to established industry processes on qualified systems. Lugaia Continuous Liner Systems have proven to be one of the most effective means for protecting your staff and products. Axial folding enables film lengths of up to 80 meters. Fold height and foil length are dependent upon film thickness. On request, Lugaia also produces special CLS liner sizes for customer-specific foils.

The advantages of the Continuous Liner

  • High product and personal protection in the OEB 5 (<1μg/m3) Containment-Level
  • Easy handling
  • Customer customizable foil material
  • Up to 80 meters per unit
  • Less personal protection required
  • Reduced or no cleaning of the environment
  • Maximum film capacity in the smallest of spaces
  • Different diameters and folding heights available
  • Foil thickness of 50-150 μm
  • High quality / manufactured in the ISO clean room

Continuous Liner as Primary or Secondary Packaging

Folding technique:

Thanks to a special axial fold made from tubular foil, the Continuous Liner allows packaging in different manufactured sizes. With this folding process, it is possible to fold a maximum foil length (up to 80 m) into the smallest space available. This decreases the frequency for needed changes of the Continuous Liner packaging which saves time and costs.

Custom film material:

Lugaia offers the opportunity for Continuous Liners to be manufactured from a customized packaging foil material. The Continuous Liner can be used for readily validated applications. By default, depending on the application, the Continuous Liners are made of a pure or antistatic LPDE.

Clean room assembly:

The best tailored and quality guaranteed processes for our customers are available in 3 Continuous Liner clean room classes: ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 8.

High containment solution:

For sealing and separating, the Continuous Liner will be using the Lugaia patented SafeSeal Closure System. Whereby an OEB 5 (<1μg/m3) Containment-Level can be guaranteed..

The possible uses:

  • Pack-off stations
  • Packaging of API‘s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and toxic and highly reactive products
  • Isolator and clean room application (Foil lock)
  • Primary packaging
  • Waste locks
  • Material locks
  • Sampling

Foil variants:

  • PE with antistatic characteristics
  • Pure PE for primary packaging
  • PE with antistatic or conductive grid printing
  • Barrier foils
  • Custom foils

FDA, EP and USP approved



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed something

Are the continuous liners manufactured in a clean room?

Yes, we have the option of manufacturing the continuous liner in the ISO 8/7/5 cleanroom. Continuous liners for secondary packaging are usually produced in ISO 8 cleanrooms. For primary packaging accordingly ISO 7 or ISO 5.

Can Continuous Liners be sterilized?

Yes, by means of gamma or X-ray radiation.

Does Lugaia also offer the Carrier System for the Continuous Liner?

Yes, Liner Carrier systems with various interfaces are possible as well as Liner Carrier systems with RTP Beta ports.

For which containment level can Continuous Liners be used?

OEB5 in combination with our SafeSeal closure system.

What are the advantages of the folded Continuous Liner?

Lugaia’s special axial folding makes it possible to provide maximum film capacity in the smallest possible space. This reduces the frequency of changing the Continuous Liner pack to a minimum, thereby saving you time and money.
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