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We realize that no two production facilities are the same. Therefore, we are quite used to designing and implementing effective containment measures that are individually manufactured to meet varying local requirements.

With this we are able to design and manufacture an individual solution according to customers wishes, practicality and requirements. We develop and adapt to your needs and requirements, for example: Containment Solution for sampling, filter change and dismantling but also for cleaning and maintenance purposes.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed something

Are there different types of gloves?

Yes. Custom designs are possible.

Can equipment be locked either inside or outside of the Isolator?

Yes, in combination with the Lugaia Continuous Liners, locks can be closed in both directions.

Can the interior of the Isolator be operated inertly?

Yes, Lugaia ventilation technology offers an inerting mode.

Can the Isolator be operated in negative pressure?

Yes, in combination with the Lugaia ventilation technology, the Isolator can be operated in negative pressure or optionally in positive pressure.

For which containment level can the SafeFlex Isolators be used?

Most often with containment level OEB5. Higher containment levels are possible with double-barrier systems.

How will I be alerted if the limit values for the pressure and / or the oxygen content inside the isolator are exceeded?

There is an acoustic and visual alarm. Then there is an automatic self-regulation of the ventilation unit.

Is there also a simple ventilation device only for negative pressure operation?

Yes, we also offer a model for negative pressure operation only (without pressure test, without automatic inerting process, and without system monitoring via O2 measurement).

What are the dimensions of a standard Isolator?

Because each Isolator is customized to meet individual needs and requirements, there are no standard sizes. If you are interested, we look forward to discussing your dimensions and details in order to design your best containment solution.

What film material is the SafeFlex Isolator made of?

Due to the impressive mechanical properties (tear resistance) of the film, we use an antistatic polyurethane (PU) for the SafeFlex Isolators.
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