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Ventilation technology for Lugaia SafeFlex Isolators

Mobile & innovative

The ventilation unit Premium is equipped with PLC-Software and is operated via an HMI touch panel. Circuit and control technology are built directly into the equipment cabinet. The ventilation unit is available in standard or ATEX versions. In both versions, the equipment cabinet is made entirely of stainless steel.

The functions:

1. Pressure test

  • Automatically running pressure test according to the specified parameter

2. Working mode

  • Vacuum operation
  • Automatically running inerting process
  • Possible system monitoring over O2 measurement
  • Parameters will be adapted to the process

3. Evacuation Mode

  • Evacuation of the isolator system via regulated vacuum operation

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed something

How will I be alerted if the limit values for the pressure and / or the oxygen content inside the isolator are exceeded?

There is an acoustic and visual alarm. Then there is an automatic self-regulation of the ventilation unit.

Is there also a simple ventilation device only for negative pressure operation?

Yes, we also offer a model for negative pressure operation only (without pressure test, without automatic inerting process, and without system monitoring via O2 measurement).
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