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SafeSeal Crimp


The Lugaia SafeSeal Crimp in 3 different sizes: S (blue), M (red), L (green)

The advantages of the SafeSeal Closure System:

  • Easy handling
  • High occupational safety
  • Universal usability
  • Low investment costs
  • High quality
  • Axial closure mechanism
  • Guaranteed OEB 5 (<1μg / m3) Containment-Level
  • 3 different sizes: S (blue), M (red), L (green)
  • Can be expanded with a protective cap and hanger

The SafeSeal Crimp is manually pulled over the bag and compressed with special Crimping pliers. The crimp can then be separated using a cutting tool. Crucial for the closure size is the foil size. The SafeSeal Closure system guarantees Containment-Level OEB 5 (<1μg / m³) in action with Lugaia Continuous Liners and thus forms the spearhead of the manual lock systems. Through the deployment of the SafeSeal Opener, the closure can be removed again without any additional cutting processes. The entire closure system consists of SafeSeal Crimps, a crimp and a cutting tool and it can be completed with a protective cap and hanger.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed something

Are the SafeSeal Crimps liquid or gas-tight?

No, the Crimps are powder-tight according to Containment Level OEB5.

Can the SafeSeal Toolset be used for all closure sizes?

Yes, can be used for sizes S, M, and L.

For which containment level can SafeSeal closure system be used?

OEB5 in combination with our film systems.

Which SafeSeal Crimp fits which film size?

The correct closure size is determined on the basis of the film diameter and film thickness. Please contact us for more information.
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