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SafeSeal Toolset

Toolset Typ 90 and Premium Toolset

A safe and ergonomic tool for closing and separating the SafeSeal Crimps.

The advantages of the Lugaia Toolsets:

  • Easy handling
  • High occupational safety
  • Low investment costs
  • Also available as a premium version, rustproof handles made of anodized aluminum

With the SafeSeal Toolsets we give you effective, qualitative and high-quality tools specifically designed for handling the Lugaia SafeSeal Closure System to close and separate the Continuous Liner System (CLS) properly. A Containment-Level of OEB 5 (<1μg / m3) is guaranteed. Each toolset contains one pair of ratchet scissors as well as locking pliers. Both sets are useable for all SafeSeal Closure sizes.

With the Premium Toolset we give you the best handling in combination with the best materials, the handles are rustproof and made of anodized aluminum. Due to corrosion resistance, the Premium Toolset is also very suitable for the process of cleaning and washing in the isolator.

Both Toolsets are available in a practical tool case!
(Contents: locking pliers and ratchet scissors)

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed something

Can the SafeSeal Toolset be used for all closure sizes?

Yes, can be used for sizes S, M, and L.

Can the same tool set be used for all crimp sizes?

Yes, for size L you only have to remove the spacer bolt from the press tool. The cutting tool is the same for all of them. Both sets can be used for all sizes of SafeSeal closures.

Is the opener part of the tool set?

No, the opener is available as a separate accessory.

What is the difference between Toolset Type 90 and Toolset Premium?

Typ90 is made of standard tool steel and the handles are made of plastic. Toolset Premium is completely stainless steel with handles made of anodized aluminum. Due to its corrosion resistance, the Premium Toolset is also ideally suited for cleaning and washing processes in the Isolator.
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