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SafePort TransferBag (patented)

Contamination-free product transfer

The Lugaia SafePort TransferBag offers a combination of low investment costs and high containment levels. The disposable version is suitable for safe product transfers according to the containment level of OEB 5 (<1μg / m3).

The advantages of the SafePort TransferBag:

  • Inexpensive, disposable version for a safe transfer in the OEB 5 (<1μg / m3) containment level
  • Clean room production according to “state of the art” guidelines with USP / EP certificates ISO 8/7/5
  • Special designs with sampling sleeve and customer specific foils available
  • Contents can be selected from 5-40 liters to180 liters (special sizes on request)
  • No product is lost when emptying thanks to a special connection system with a completely free cross-section inside
  • Lower investment costs compared to rigid systems
  • Simple and safe connection system for feeding multiple products
  • Optional cleaning system is available

With SafePort TransferBag system, products can be safely transferred with containment level OEB 5. The special SafePort connection enables continuous connecting of bags for repeated product feed without interrupting the containment. This guarantees a very high yield for your products.

Get to know more in the video

Handling of the SafePort TransferBag

Optional SafePort Bag Cleaning System



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed something

Are both the new and the old SafeStick still available?

Yes, both versions are still available.

Are the Transfer Bags available with different connections?

Yes, the SafePort connection system is used optionally with TriClamp or O-ring connections for high containment applications.

Are there Transfer Bag standard sizes?

For manual handling, volumes of 5-40 liters are available as standard. Special sizes possible on request.

For which containment level can TransferBag systems be used?

OEB5 in combination with the SafeSeal closure system

How is the SafePort system cleaned at the end of the process?

Using a special cleaning bag or integrated CIP nozzles in the SafePort connection head.

How many SafePort bags can be connected per passage?

A maximum of 20 bags can be connected.

In what lengths are the SafeSticks available?

Custom lengths up to 900mm available.

Is the SafeStick liquid and gas tight?

Yes, the SafeStick is both liquid and gas-tight in connection with our film system.

Which film materials are available for the Transfer Bags?

An antistatic LDPE with FDA approval or a pure LDPE with FDA EP and USP approval is used as standard. Foil material with conductive properties or customized foils are also available.
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