SafeFlex Isolator

The flexible solution for contained processes

Lugaia Containment Solutions has set priority during development of the SafeFlex isolator on easy handling, high labour safety and universal in use.

Our isolators are conceptualized, custom made and are suitable for dispensing, sampling and feed processes as well as special applications. The SafeFlex film-material offers a safe protection with high tear resistance and optimum properties for manual handling with tools. After the process, the isolator is closed and can be easily disposed of.

The cleaning and validation effort is thus reduced by a multiple.


  • SafeFlex film with high tear and perforation resistance
  • Can be used in applications with negative or positive pressure
  • Charging and discharging by means of continuous liners system
  • Docking by means of double O-ring technology
  • Very high containment level (OEL <1µg pro m3 )
  • Computerized ventilation technology