SafeSeal Closure System

SafeSeal Crimp SSafeSeal Crimp S

SafeSeal Crimp S

SafeSeal Crimp MSafeSeal Crimp M

SafeSeal Crimp M

SafeSeal Crimp LSafeSeal Crimp L

SafeSeal Crimp L

Manual closure system for continuous liners (patented)

The manual closure system from Lugaia consisting of clip, crimping and cutting tool, is the affordable solution to seal continuous liners. The user benefits from low investment and maintenance costs.

The SafeSeal closure guarantees OEB-Level 5 values in combination with our continuous liner systems and is therefore one of the best manual closure systems.

The advantages:

  • Easy handling
  • OEB Level 5 (guaranted)
  • High working safety
  • Universal application (3 sizes)
  • Low costs
  • Easy opening of the lock with special tool (SafeSeal-Opener)