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Corporate Responsibility

Ethics and Compliance

As a manufacturer of containment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, we are aware of our ethical obligation to our employees, business partners, the environment and society. We fulfill this responsibility by constantly looking forward and assessing the consequences of our actions as well as possible. To this end, each of us assumes our duties as employees, entrepreneurs and private individuals every day.

Our corporate responsibility stands out in the following three areas:

  • Product quality
  • Sustainability and Environment
  • People and society: Health and safety of our employees

The quality of our products is crucial for the safety and health of patients on the one hand and for the employees of our customers on the other hand. Each Lugaia employee is well trained in the production of primary packaging and Containment Solutions and receives regular additional training and education. While plastic is considered an environmentally controversial product, its use in Lugaia Containment Solutions represents a sustainable solution. Practices including recycling of product residues, the production of electricity via solar panels and hydrothermal air conditioning contribute to environmental protection.

The health and safety of our employees is at the heart of our sense of duty. All necessary measures are taken to manage risk and to protect the health of our employees. Our suppliers are selected with these requirements in mind. We believe that healthy employees working in safe environments have the greatest opportunity to foucs on their work and guarantee the quality of our products.

Code of Conduct

Lugaia takes responsibility for the implementation of ethical, social and environmental standards within the company. Lugaia also expects its suppliers to implement these standards upstream in the supply chain. These requirements are summarized in the Supplier Code of Conduct.