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What we do for our environment


Lugaia proudly supports the sustainability of its processes, products and solutions through Sustainable Development, a concept aimed at maintaining sustainable economic growth without harming our planet or exhausting its resources. Sustainability is an essential contribution to the success of Lugaia AG and secures our future development. We are committed to upholding social and ecological values ​​and strive to implement responsible management in the areas of ethics, labor law, health and safety and the environment. Lugaia follows local legislation and customer codes of conduct.


Lugaia ensures the safety and compliance with regulations in the handling, storage, transport, disposal, recycling and reuse of waste, exhaust gases and sewage. Activities that can have negative effects on human health or the environment are appropriately managed, measured and controlled. Lugaia seeks to use resources and energy in the most efficient manner and continually explores environmentally friendly technologies. While plastic is considered an environmentally controversial product, its use in Containment Solutions often represents a sustainable solution. Measures such as the recycling product residues, producing electricity via solar panels and geothermal air conditioning contribute to environmental protection. Furthermore, we also try to sensitize our employees to everyday environmental issues (e.g. participation in the bike-to-work challenge or traveling to trade fairs and customer appointments by train).