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We meet your product and personal protection needs by applying renowned Swiss precision and cutting-edge technology to all our life science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology containment systems. Utilizing industry-leading expertise and ergonomic studies, we are well suited to take your project from initial concept to the final product, including complex isolator systems. See for yourself how Lugaia is advancing the development of complete containment systems to better serve our clients.

Lugaia's strengths lie in providing market-ready, single-use film products and solutions for customers who rely on hygiene process technology. Our film systems are manufactured in clean rooms and after use can be safely discarded. This greatly reduces your need for expensive and time-consuming cleaning processes as well as associated qualification procedures that can be costly.

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We are Lugaia

Standardized and customized

Individual Solutions to Benefit You

Lugaia offers superior standardized products across a wide variety of quality classes. We are well established, with the infrastructure and expertise required to develop custom hygiene process solutions of the highest quality.


Swiss Quality

"Swiss made" remains synonymous precision, quality and reliability.



We develop and produce specific solutions for each customer according to their wishes and specifications.


Design Excellence

Products are both designed and refined to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Containment solutions

Optimal contamination protection for employees and products

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology needs for critical protection are on the rise. Traditional equipment used to fight contamination such as dust masks and extractors are no longer sufficient to protect employees or products. Therefore, the expanding field of disease control is increasingly requiring highly active ingredients and substances. The issue is these higher concentrations of dust and powder become increasingly toxic. This is where Lugaia's cutting-edge technology provides a clear advantage.

Lugaia offers superior concept-to-finish containment systems, including flexible packaging and transfer solutions. Explore how our fully linked systems are designed to ensure the safety of your staff and products.

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Different security levels to maintain compliance for OEL values



Containment measures: Bag systems with local suction

2,Almost harmless

Containment measures: Bag systems with local suction, Transfer and protective foil systems

3,Little dangerous

Containment measures: Transfer and protective foil systems


Containtment measures: Isolator systems, Transfer and protective foil systems

5,Very dangerous

Containment measures: Isolator systems, Transfer and protective foil systems

6,Extremely dangerous

Containment measures: Isolator systems


>1000 µg/m³


100-1000 µg/m³


10-100 µg/m³


1-10 µg/m³


<1 µg/m³


< 200 ng/m³


Customer testimonials

What customers are saying about us

Well-known pharmaceutical, chemical and life science companies throughout the world benefit from our products and systems. We have been successfully supporting our customers across industries for many years since 2006. Our daily objective is working to help make workplaces and production facilities safer and more efficient.

Rottendorf Pharma

Lars S.
«The collaboration with Lugaia is straightforward and efficient. Deadlines are reliably kept and the products are individually developed and manufactured to our needs.»


Christopher B.
«We really appreciate the cooperation with the company Lugaia. The products convince with their excellent quality and the whole team always strives for innovative customized solutions.»


Leander S.
«Lugaia develops interesting products such as the SafeSeal Pneumatic Tool, which makes our work easier. We appreciate the closeness and the direct exchange with the Lugaia team and we are also very satisfied with their support.»


Jörg B.
«At Lugaia the know-how is available in-house and they always strive to find the best possible solution for the customer. In addition, impeccable support is provided.»
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