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SafeSeal Protective Cap and Hanging System

Our proven and patented SafeSeal Closure System (for crimp sizes M and L) ensures a safe closure for any foil system at Containment-Level OEB 5. To further enhance SafeSeal's safety and ergonomics, the system was expanded with an additional protective cap and a practical hanger.

The advantages of the protective cap and the hanging system:

  • Cover of the SafeSeal-interface
  • Additional security of the closure systems through the use of SafeSeal Closure and cable ties
  • Safe suspension of the foil packaging
  • Easy to open

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed something

Do you need an additional tool to close the cable tie?

A standard cable tie tool can be used here.

For which SafeSeal closure sizes is the protective cap & hanging system available?

For sizes M & L

What weight is the suspension system designed for?

Up to 20kg.
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